What you can do with MakeMyAppointment

Remember, this site will evolve based on user feedback and suggestion. We’d love to hear what you think.

Offering online appointments from your business website enables your customers to make appointments with confidence and ease when you are closed.

So, here is an outline of what you can do as a business user with our online appointment software website:

  1. Set up your online appointment page. You can outline the services you provide and link to those services the people who provide them, their availability equipment to be used and rooms to be used. You can also adjust the look of your appointment page / site.
  2. Note opening hours. Easily setup your available for any day
  3. Set how customers keep up to date with appointments.
  4. Add a link to your appointment page to your own business website.
  5. See a diary or schedule of appointments for any time you choose.
  6. List appointments by staff member.
  7. Send out reminders of appointments.
  8. Receive notifications of new appointments. You can see these on the site as well as by email to the email address you notify.

MakeMyAppointment is from Aussie software company Tower Systems. We are based in Hawthorn, Victoria, where this site was 100% developed. We think Australian developed software and websites are more appropriate for Australian businesses. Thank you for your support.