Online appointments help you win business

Research indicates that now more than ever people want to get things done when businesses are traditionally closed, in the evening and even overnight. Accessibility is key to success.

Offering online appointments from your business website enables your customers to make appointments with confidence and ease when you are closed.

No matter how simple or complex appointments are in your type of business, using this site you can handle what you need including the people on your team, rooms and equipment. There is plenty of flexibility in the website, so that it serves all manner of businesses from dog groomers, to bike repair workshops, to jeweller repair services to hair salons to professional service providers.

The website has been developed in consultation with people in businesses where appointments are made. Plus, the site will continue to evolve as we hear of more things we can offer to make the site useful for a range of service providing businesses.

Any business offering online appointments is ahead of the pack of businesses that do not offer access to online appointments. It is a differentiator. The easy of use of the facility is also a differentiator.

Our experience with e-commerce sites indicates that after 7pm in the evening people are busy looking at online sites, making bookings and buying things. Our website makes it simple, fast and safe. Offering the service can help you in business without having additional staff required to actually answer the phone at this time.

Present a professional image to customers, facilitate making appointments when they have the need. make it easy, make it fast and make it accurate. And if people have questions, they come to you for an answer when you are able.

Setup quickly and easily. Make My Appointments can have you ready for taking online appointments in no time. The shopper interface is easy to use - no tech experience is necessary.

MakeMyAppointment is from Aussie software company Tower Systems. We are based in Hawthorn, Victoria, where this site was 100% developed. We think Australian developed software and websites are more appropriate for Australian businesses. Thank you for your support.