How to make online appointments work for you

This is what we suggest you do to promote your new online appointment facility once you have setup your MakeMyAppointment account:

  1. Promote on Facebook. Include a link to your appointment age on Facebook. But not just once. Do this several times. We suggest for the first month you do it every few days. Write about the ease of making appointments. Note no payments necessary. Change each post up but keep the pitch focussed on promoting your appointment page. Boost these posts to reach more people.
  2. Email your customers. Do this three or four times over the first month., Make sure they know they can make appointments online, without having to open an account or enter credit card details. The less time in the shop you spend managing appointments the more time you have for working on the business.
  3. On your business cards. Include the link.
  4. On Facebook groups. Every business should connect with facebook groups that are relevant to the business and those who could shop in the business. Write with excitement about your new online appointment facility.
  5. 5. In your shop window Have a simple, elegant, sign pitching that people window shopping can make appointments online.
  6. Through your website. Embed your online appointment facility on your website.
  7. On Twitter. Use your business account to tweet about making online appointments.
  8. Talk about it Let customers know. The more you talk about it the better, to reach more people.

Promoting your new online appointments facility is vital to you reaching more people. The more you promote it outside your business the more people you will reach outside your business and this equals new shoppers.

MakeMyAppointment is from Aussie software company Tower Systems. We are based in Hawthorn, Victoria, where this site was 100% developed. We think Australian developed software and websites are more appropriate for Australian businesses. Thank you for your support.